About Me


My name is Mike and I am now retired from my job, the last 5 years as a freelance consultant engineer. 

During the 24 years with my employer (prior to going freelance) I have travelled extensively worldwide as a service/commissioning engineer.

The Company manufactured non contact measuring equipment using X-rays for the metal rolling industry, working mainly in steel rolling plants.

This has given me an excellent general background in electronics and repair techniques.

One of my hobbies was r/c aircraft, which has helped to give me good knowledge of all types of batteries and charging.

I got the idea for this venture when our hedge trimmer battery gave up. After checking the price of a replacement, it was almost the price of a new trimmer!

Then did some research and realised I could repair the battery (in that case) by replacing the cells for half the cost of a new one.

The hedge trimmer now has a new lease of life.

This gave me the idea to start a small business to help out people not so technically minded, or who do not have the time to spare.

I work from home, so this keeps overheads down and makes pricing competitive.

Since then I have found ways of repairing quality batteries by replacing faulty cells, provided the majority are in good condition. This is much cheaper than replacing all the cells. This usually works best with high quality NIMH packs that have not been left in a discharged state for too long. Although over the past years they are harder to find and over 90% of my work is re-celling.