Fig 1

Fig 1

Fig 2

One of the tests


When a battery pack is received it will be Voltage tested and if suitable is put on charge until full.

It is then discharged under controlled load conditions and the results logged.

After repair/reconditioning it will be load tested again, then re-charged and left for 24 hrs to see if it retains the charge, before return to customer. 

The results kept on file.




Diagram above,  (Fig 1) shows battery output curve before reconditioning. The other (Fig2) shows  battery output curve AFTER reconditioning.

The red line is the power output in Watts.

Note: NICAD batteries only.

Although the battery capacity maybe restored, the ability to hold a charge for long maybe less; especially if they are old or in some cases when dead cells are revived.


Note :  this test is also used in the main to determine useful battery capacity under load conditions.